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We deliver innovative and meaningful solutions to the marketplace.

At ChoiceScripts, we offer flexible plan designs, concierge service and 340B support to help our hospital customers make the most informed decisions that result in improved costs, quality outcomes and increased member satisfaction.

Working with us

Here to serve.

Choice Scripts serves a wide range of market segments, including employers, labor groups, union clients, hospitals/health systems and more. Our team provides innovative pharmacy benefit solutions and high-touch service to all the clients and members we manage.

Clients have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals assisting them through every step, including an:

  • Account Manager
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Financial Analyst
Why ChoiceScripts

Empower pharmacy care

Holistic Care

A holistic approach to care

To lower total cost of care, an integrated healthcare experience is essential. Employers want a complete view of what is happening within their population and what to do about it, and members need a cohesive experience to maximize their health and well-being— one that is easy to navigate. That’s where we come in; our clinical expertise, commitment to high-quality of care and dedication to stellar outcomes makes us the best PBM partners in the industry.


Reimagining pharmacy benefits

At ChoiceScripts, we live at the nexus of caring for people, delivering, and managing technology and innovation, and generating savings for the healthcare system—all while laser-focused on positively impacting the total cost and quality of care. We’ve powered our business for navigating a new world, bridging the gap so employers and members can experience a connected, whole-person view.

When all is said and done, our why is caring for our customers and members. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make a difference!

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