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Welcome to ChoiceScripts.

ChoiceScripts powered by Magellan Rx Management is your pharmacy benefit manager. ChoiceScripts is dedicated to giving you the best service and resources to help you and your family make better healthcare decisions.

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Your prescription benefit plan through ChoiceScripts.

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Use your prescription drug card at retail pharmacies

You will receive a prescription card from your employer. Please present your new prescription card along with your prescription to any of our 68,000+ retail pharmacies every time you fill your prescription.

Home delivery

Save time and money with a 90-day supply of your medicines by mail

With home delivery, you may be able to receive up to a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication(s) at a lower price. Just ask your doctor to write two prescriptions: one for a 30-day supply to get you started (to be filled at your local pharmacy), and one for a 90-day supply, plus additional refills (to be filled by mail).

Use your local retail pharmacy for the first 30-day prescription of a maintenance medicine you get from your doctor. Also use your local retail pharmacy if you get a prescription for an acute condition, like an infection.

Your order should arrive 7 to 10 days after we get your prescription. We may need to contact your doctor for more information. To avoid delays, be sure to fill out all forms completely and include payment if you know the amount due. Orders with more than one prescription may be shipped in separate boxes.

Standard shipping is free. You can choose extra cost if you want to get your medicine sooner. This option will only impact the shipping time, not how long it takes us to process your order.

It is our top priority to make sure you have the medicine you need. If you do not get your order within 10 days, please call 800.424.1674.

Most prescriptions, including refills, six months to one year from the day the doctor wrote them. If this happens you will need a new prescription from your doctor.

A controlled substance, such as a narcotic, has strict guidelines and may be handled differently than a non-controlled medicine. We follow federal and state laws when processing all orders. We will call you if more information is needed.

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Prior Authorization/Step Therapy

Your prescription benefit program may have a prior authorization or step therapy process for certain medications.

Prior authorization is a requirement that your physician obtain approval from your health plan to prescribe a specific medication for you.

Step therapy is when your prescription benefit requires you to try another medication prior to starting the medication your physician prescribed.

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Specialty Pharmacy Services

Secure, online member portal to request refills

MRx Cares and clinical programs

Helpful materials and on-demand videos

Pharmacist and nurse support

Free delivery

Some supplies at no cost

Insurance staff

Copay assistance programs

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